2017 through my lens(es)

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The year 2017 has been an extraordinary milestone of my photography hobby. Although I’ve gained a lot of knowledge in the areas of composition and editing, I’m quite surprised how few photos I’ve taken this year. I remember a quote on the internet, something along these lines that experienced photographers would take fewer images than newbies. So I’m taking that as an excuse (rather than that I’ve simply not had much spare time for my hobby due to stressful times at university). So here they are, my personal favorite images of 2017, one image per month.

January – Crutches

Most of my photos are taken on spontaneous photo walks. This year’s start didn’t allow me to do any of those walks as I injured my knee in November 2016 and thus had to walk with crutches. As a reminder of those nine memorable weeks, I dedicate the first of these twelve photos to the one where I sat in the train and stared at my crutches.

February – Frozen Bottles

Although I personally merely see this as a snapshot rather than anything planned or with any concept behind, this particular photo kind of exploded on 500px. It seems to be my most liked image on 500px this year. As a matter of fact, this photography has been selected for the Images that Capture Texture quest on 500px.

March – Blumen

Urban exploration is great. I found this old flower shop in Hollabrunn that looks abandoned. It seems like they had put up a secondary sign when their first one was covered by something like grape ivy. But in winter, the old sign comes forth as well and thus makes you wonder why they put up two of those signs.

April – Rear Window / Das Fenster zum Hof

This is a simple candid shot of a Viennese man watching people on the street.

Mai – Sparks

What do you do with spare firewood? Of course you burn it on warm summer nights and watch sparks ascend into the clear night sky.

June – Great Grandma

This is probably my personal favorite portrait shot of this year. It shows my great grandmother in a candid pose.

July – Balkan Madness

Well, Balkan madness might be a a bit exaggerated title for the off-road motorcycle tour from Austria to Albania. But it sill it was an adventurous trip to countries I’ve not been before. With people I had not know before. But of course, it was a lot of fun.

The day I took this picture was the highlight of our trip. It was the famous road to Theth, a little village somewhere in North Albania. The roads where tough. At best, those were graveled roads. However, the roads weren’t our only challenges. A few hours after we had left our accommodation without any heavy luggage and only the stuff we really need (like a full-frame DSLR and a one-week-old 24-70mm lens) the weather changed unexpectedly and it started to drizzle.

Of course, this didn’t stop us. After all, it’s just some tiny water drops. They do no harm, right? Well, the drizzle turned into a pretty heavy rain. Which then turned into a mixture of rain and heavy hail. All the roads turned into rivers because the area suffered a three-week drought before.

Long store short, after an hour of fear of death (and that either my camera or my new lens would get damaged) we made to a small tavern that gave us shelter until the rain had stopped.

That’s when I took this picture of Tom, who patiently waited for the bad weather to end while I emptied my boots full of water.

August – Absorbed By Nature

I discovered an apparently abandoned car that seems to not have moved for quite a long time because the tires were fully covered with ivy.

September – Great Grandma II

Apparently my great gradma thinks I take too many photos of her. So she covered her face with her hands, so that I couldn’t take a proper portrait. However, I still took the shot. And I’m quite happy with the resulting image.

October – Zurich

My attendance at the RustFest Zurich marks my very first visit to the city of Zurich and thus also my first time in Switzerland. It’s a great city and the autumn colors made it perfect to spend a whole day on wandering around and snapping lots of great pictures.

This image here was taken on my last day, when I went up Ütliberg’s viewing tower to enjoy the view of the city and Lake Zurich.

November – Grandma

Most of my photos are landscapes, but I enjoy portraits as well. In November I had almost all my ancestors and siblings at one place, so I took the chance to take some portraits of all of them. The one that stands out is where my grandmother who always wears glasses took them off because they fogged due to the cold air outside. It’s impressive how different we perceive people without their glasses.

December – Whisky

Of course, every good image collection needs some cat content. So here it is, my lovely cat Whisky on her favorite pillow.

That’s it. Those were my twelve favorite images of 2017. Thanks for reading and have a happy new year!