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I’m happy to announce that we’ve released a new version of Nextcloud Mail today. The most notable changes are the ability to move messages via a brand new mailbox picker, a new preferences setting that allows you to pick custom mailboxes for draft, sent and deleted emails, improvements to how emails are displayed in the thread view as well as some enhancements to the multiselect for power users.

As always there are also a ton of fixes and improvements that are not notable to the users. You can find the full changelog here.

As php7.2 is reaching EOL we decided to drop the support and Mail v1.6 and later will require php7.3. We’ve also published an updated version of v1.5 as v1.5.2 that received the most critical bugfixes for those that are still on php7.2 or simply don’t want to update to v1.6 yet.

If you need any help using the app or you have some question please let us know on the forum :v: