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The Wahoo Elemnt companion app pulls workout files off my bike computer in the .fit file format. The workout can then be viewed, uploaded to a number of serivces and shared with other apps.

Unfortunately, intervals.icu is not on the list of integrations. This makes it impossible to directly, or even automatically, upload workouts there. Bummer.

The fully manual route

If I want to I can attach the bike computer to my notebook via USB and upload the file to intervals from there. This is possible, but tedious.

Taking a detour

It wasn’t quite obvious to me at the beginning but it’s possible to use the workout sharing feature to send the .fit file to another app. Sharing it to the Nextcloud Android app allows me to pick a destination folder and upload the workout file right into my cloud files.

If I then have the folder sync’ed to my notebook I can upload it to intervals more conveniently, without any cable. Still, this is a repetitive and scriptable task.

The shortcut

Fortunately intervals.icu offers a public API and a resource to push workouts to.

This API lends itself perfectly for an automation based on Nextcloud Workflows. All it takes is registering a new operation and listen for the file post create event.

As a user I can then set up a new workflow rule that takes .fit files and passes it to the intervals.icu operation that takes care of the upload.

Setting up Nextcloud Workflows

The only thing left is to configure the operation with my intervals athlete ID and API key. I can add it to the oc_preferences table manually.

With this tiny workflow app my workouts can be sent to Nextcloud from my phone and show on intervals in a matter of seconds.


I was able to automate a small but repetitive task in a matter of a few hours. The app was actually written seven months ago and I only had to update it to bump the info.xml for new Nextcloud releases.

By intervals.icu’s popularity I expect it to be supported directly by Wahoo at some point. Until then I have my custom solution. As a side effect I’m also backing up my workouts to Nextcloud.

The app is open source and can be found on Github.