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I have become a regular contributor of the ownCloud mail app in the last few months and have therefore been invited to the ownCloud conference in Berlin. From August 28th to September 3rd I had the chance to see interesting lightnig talks and workshops on topics around ownCloud and ownCloud app development. This event also gave me the opportunity to meet more of those great ownCloud contributors in person.

Group pic

Hackathon and the mail app

I used most of the great time in Berlin for hacking on the mail app. At the beginning of the conf we finished and released version 0.2. This allowed us to start hacking towards 0.3, which is dedicated to refactoring, cleanup and making the app more stable. You can read more on that on Steffen’s blog post.

Travel support

I want to thank ownCloud for offering travel support for free time contributors like myself – this is awesome ;-)